Absolutely Brilliant Vinyl


Photoluminescent vinyl - sometimes called glow in the dark vinyl

Absolutely Brilliant stocks a range of photoluminescent vinyls.

Our vinyl can be printed with conventional printers for hundreds of possible applications which include such things as safety signs, guidance signage for exiting buildings and stadiums as well as fire hydrants bus shelters and panic buttons.

These products are the very latest in photoluminescent technology that leaves other technologies far behind. They simply need to be exposed to light for a few minutes and then they glow in the dark until they get exposed to light again and then the cycle starts all over again.

Our glow in the dark vinyl is also available in green, blue, yellow and orange.

Advantages of the product are:

It is a conventional sticky backed permanent vinyl that can be printed with a conventional printer.

The cost is tiny in comparison to the expense of conventional lighting and signage erection. This also means that there is no maintenance costs or upkeep.

It goes without saying that as there is no need for electrical wiring as there is no need for external power as the vinyl glows in the dark. Neither can this vinyl rust like conventional signage. It lasts for years.

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